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1948 Frazer Manhattan
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865 0 miles
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1948 Frazer Manhattan
1948 Frazer Manhattan
865 0 miles
865 0 miles
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The Manhattan was the top-of-the-line Frazer. It was the first entirely new postwar body style, built to high quality standards, and was offered in a never before equaled array of colors. Check out this one that is presented in a striking shade of Blue and see what you think. The color really shows off the fluid lines of this car. It was referred to as an "envelope" body as the fenders enveloped the wheels, enclosing them as part of the whole rather than separating them visually, or actually, from the body. The bulbous fenders combined with a long wheelbase for a look that would soon be followed by the other manufacturers. Big chrome bumpers and grills remained popular however, and the Manhattan did not disappoint. Leading the way is a substantial bumper that curves out in the center, following the lines of the hood. The grill with its horizontal slots accentuates the look and has a couple yellow fog lights mounted in front of it. Above it on the hood itself is a Coat of Arms and Frazer in script. Mounted above the windshield is an impressive Fulton sunshade that is quite dramatic. The back of the car is less dramatic but flows nicely into another curvaceous bumper with a chrome exhaust tip peeking out from underneath. Open the door and you will find a roomy interior. The steering wheel is a two-spoke affair with gently curving spokes and a half moon horn ring with a Coat of Arms in the center. The dashboard is Blue with chrome and polished metal defining a thin linear panel. Within it in front of the driver is the speedometer and the engine gauges. In the center is the radio with a dramatic speaker grill below it of horizontal lines with a series of chrome and Ivory control knobs below that. The passenger side has Frazer in script over the glove box. The Blue bench seats front and rear have been nicely recovered and are roomy and comfortable. An ivory headliner and black carpeting tie everything together nicely. Under the hood you will find an engine with an impressive name. It is the Continental Red Seal 226 cubic inch "Supersonic" L-head six powerplant. It sits down in a neat and clean engine bay with signs that it received good regular maintenance with new plugs, wires and distributor cap, as well as newer fuel lines and coolant hoses. Brake lines have been replaced throughout the car to assure good braking reliability too. The power the engine makes is sent back through a 3-speed manual transmission to the solid rear axle which is mounted on leaf springs. Coil springs on control arms gets the job done at the front. Teal steel wheels with chrome hub caps and polished trim rings look great with 7.10-15 wide white wall tires all around.
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