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1959 Edsel Ranger
1421 miles
1421 miles
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1959 Edsel Ranger
1959 Edsel Ranger
1421 miles
1421 miles
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This 1959 Edsel Ranger is true rolling history and instant distinction. So when something this complete is also so obtainable, you know it's time to pay attention.We all love a cool '50s classic with intricate bright work, and the Edsel seems to really do it best. Over half a century has passed, so what was once considered a misstep by Ford is now a rare sight with some very intricate styling. The hood had to be specially formed to facilitate the now-legendary grille; there's an aggressive dipping "V" in the full-length trim; and the trunk is an intricate stamping that looks like two tailfins turned inward their side. This style is always respected because it has rarity. This two-door Ranger sedan (model 64C) is only one of 7,778 produced in '59 - and you can already imagine how few have survived today to look this complete. After all, just look at the details. This one follows a great red with white theme, right down to the factory wheel covers with whitewalls.
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